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Harold Basser visited Vienna

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Harold Basser: I wanted to thank you personally for your many kindnesses and thoughtful acts. As you know, we only knew our gravestones in Vienna, but no people. You provided the new humane and progressive attitude that we never knew. You also helped us with our connection to the school on Karajangasse where we met extraordianry people and witnessed an important exhibit involving my family’s life. We knew from the beginning that Vienna’s beautiful buildings alone would not suffice in making our visit meaningful. When I read your account of my visit, it reminded me of Octavian’s response to Sophie when she recites all his names and says: "So gut weiss‘ ich sie selber nicht einmal". You captured my thoughts in the proper context better than I could have expressed them. (…) 23.5.2005

Barbara Basser-Bigio: My father and I were just speaking about you on the phone! We are both still digesting all of our experiences in Vienna, exhausted both physically and emotionally.

We can’t thank you enough for your hospitality and warm welcome. My father and I haven’t had enough time to properly think through and develop our "next steps" resulting from the trip. We both feel that we want this trip to be a platform for future connection to Vienna..We would like to support your work, to help to restore, if possible, the zentral friedhof, to assist projects like the effort in the Karajangasse school, that will make a difference. In the next few days, I would like to write an article about the visit for NYC’s Jewish newspaper.. We would appreciate your suggestions. 23.5.2005

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